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Homeless to Homeowner
Caring Through COVD
Price Less

Every human being who ends up homeless has unique gifts, talents, and stories to tell. Each person also faces unique and complex challenges that contribute to their homelessness. It's never quite as simple as boiling down the cause of someone's homelessness to just "drug addiction," "job loss," or "mental illness." Because of the complexity of each person's situation, there is also no "one size fits all" model for resolving the issues that lead people to the streets.

The Ladle Fellowship takes care to build trusting relationships with our city's most marginalized residents. Through these relationships, we are able to appreciate their gifts, care for their needs, and help them identify the particular challenges that keep them on the streets. Sometimes our individualized care helps people overcome addiction, obtain proper mental healthcare, and get back on their feet financially. We always celebrate these success stories! At the same time, however, we recognize that some chronically homeless people need to be cared for even as they remain on the streets. We also celebrate their successes: contacting a long-lost family member, refraining from violence even when threatened, being artistic or resourceful, or just managing to keep warm for another night outside.

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